The Bar Mitzvah Machine
Charles Katz conceived of the Bar Mitzvah Machine in response to his disability as a dyslexic. His challenge with reading and writing prevented him from finishing the Hebrew Lessons that were required to complete his Bar Mitzvah. This was a lifelong disappointment for him.

In 2007, Charles started to discuss a Bar Mitzvah Machine. With a skeptical view of authority and an ironic sense of the instant gratification and high efficiency nature of our culture, Charles discussed retrofitting an old-fashioned photo booth. He described a freestanding booth that would dispense the blessing and a certificate.

Inside the booth a touch screen monitor displays transliterated Hebrew script and prompts the viewer to repeat the correct words of a universal prayer to do good deeds…If Charles couldn’t have a Bar Mitzvah, he would create an installation so that everyone could.

In memory of this sense of irony and joy, The Friends of Charles Katz launched The Incredible Bar Mitzvah Machine at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche Art extravaganza, Saturday, October 4, 2008. For those who missed the Incredible Bar Mitzvah Machine installation pleae click here to view the animation onlline. The animation is also available as an Android APP.

The Bar Mitzvah Machine was produced by the Friends of Charles Katz; Janet Hethrington, Michael Alstad, Daniel Katz, Nick Boehm, Amos Shaw, Harry Katz, Judy Blumstock, Phillipa Pires, Gil Katz and Eyal Katz.
The Friends of Charles Katz gratefully acknowledges the following organisations and individuals for their generous support of The Incredible Bar Mitzvah Machine:
RonRose Printing, MacWood, SnapZ PhotoBooths, Brian Katz and Martin van de Ven for the Kleizmer Music and Nuit Blanche.