Who is Charles Katz?
Charles Lawrence Katz [he would roll his eyes at this formality] was a sibling rival, a painter, a son, an inveterate party-crasher, a healer, a student, an artist, a conspiracy theorist (he at least questioned authority and agendas) a lover, an optimist and a friend. There was something a little mercurial about him - he was often everywhere, sometimes scattered like the element, and he always had something very important to communicate. Quite simply Charles had a meaningful and memorable impact on hundreds of people and died at the age of 51 on January 5, 2008.
Why this website?
Because Charles always had something very important to communicate, the friends of Charles Katz and his family want to celebrate his life, his determination, his spirit of optimism, and his work as a friend and painter. In memory of his quirky point of view we have created this website featuring his paintings and describing his impact. The Friends of Charles Katz also completed one of his unfinished pieces - The Bar Mitzvah Machine - which was mounted at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, in 2008. Charle's family recently published a book, entitled Charles Lawrence Katz: Paintings and Works on Paper, a collaborative project which recognized Charlesí contribution as a friend, a healer and an artist. It features insightful essays by critic, poet and curator John K Grande and painter and expressive art therapist Paul J Carroll. Join the Charles Katz Circle on facebook for recent news and updates.